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Corporate Vision

CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility)

The vision of Vishay Polytech, a Vishay Intertechnology company, is to promote the creation of a sustainable society with a sense of renewal. In 2009, Vishay Polytech was chosen by Global View magazine as one of the 50 listed companies that represent Taiwan.

Corporate Profile

Name of CorporationVishay Polytech, Recently acquired by Vishay
Head Office16 Ohdaira, Miharu, Fukushima 963-7704, Japan
Representative DirectorPresident / Director Ken Sato
Business involvement Manufacture and sale of tantalum and niobium capacitors, ceramic capacitors, and electronics components
Products Tantalum electrolytic capacitors
Niobium electrolytic capacitors


  • 1958:
    Hitachi Ltd. started development of tantalum capacitors.
  • 1965:
    Hitachi Chemical Co., Ltd. established Hitachi Condenser Co., Ltd. in Chiyoda Ku, Tokyo.
  • 1965:
    Hitachi Condenser Co., Ltd took over the business of capacitors from Hitachi Chemical Co., Ltd. and started sales activities.
  • 1973:
    Miharu Manufacturing Co., Ltd. was established in Kitamachi, Mihru Town, and started production of tantalum capacitors.
  • 1974:
    The production transfer from Hitachi Condenser Co., Ltd. Tsunashima Works was started.
  • 1980:
    Relocated to the current location (Odaira Industrial Park) and built a factory to complete the transition from Tsunashima Works.
  • 1982:
    The new Miharu Manufacturing Co., Ltd. began.
  • 1984:
    The head office of Hitachi Condenser Co., Ltd. relocated to Nishigotanda, Shinagawa-Ku, Tokyo.
  • 1989:
    Hitachi Condenser Co., Ltd. took over the operations of Miharu Manufacturing Co., Ltd. and was named Hitachi Condenser Co., Ltd. Miharu Works.
  • 1990:
    The name of Hitachi Condenser Co., Ltd. name was changed to Hitachi AIC Inc. through the merger with Meiko Meguro Kogyo Co., Ltd. and Sanki Kogyo, Co., Ltd. Hitachi Condenser Co., Ltd. Miharu Works became Hitachi AIC Inc. Miharu Works.
  • 1995:
    Miharu Works earns ISO 9001 Quality Management System certification.
  • 1998:
    Miharu Works earns ISO 14001 Environment Management System certification.
  • 2000:
    The overseas production of tantalum chip capacitors begins in Tonguan, Kwantung, China.
  • 2000:
    Hitachi AIC Inc. shares are listed in the first section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange.
  • 2001:
    Through the exchange of shares, Hitachi AIC Inc. became a wholly owned subsidiary of Hitachi Chemical Co. Ltd.
  • 2008:
    The overseas factory for the manufacturing of tantalum chip capacitors is closed in March.
  • 2008:
    Hitachi AIC Inc. merged with Hitachi Chemical Electronics Co., Ltd and the head office was moved to Ninomina Cho (Kugeta, Moloka-City, Tochigi) in April.
  • 2009:
    In October, Shinmachi Condenser Co., Ltd. took over the operation of Hitachi AIC Inc.'s aluminum electrolytic capacitor and vaporized film businesses. Hitachi AIC Inc. Miharu Works was renamed as Hitachi Chemical Electronics Co., Ltd. Miharu Works and became a subsidiary company of Shin Kobe Electric Machinery Co., Ltd.
  • 2010:
    Holy Stone Polytech was established and Miharu Works' tantalum and niobium capacitor operations were transferred to the company after Holy Stone Enterprise Co., Ltd.(Taiwan) bought full operation of Hitachi Chemical Electronics Co., Ltd. Miharu Works. In April, operations began under the name Holy Stone Polytech Miharu Works.
  • 2011:
    The Tokyo sales office was established in Minato-ku.
  • 2014:
    Vishay Intertechnology announces acquisition of Holy Stone Polytech Co., Ltd., a tantalum capacitor company.

Branch, Factory

Head Office
Miahru Works
16 Ohdaira , Miharu, Tamuragun, Fukushima 963-7704, Japan
Tel: +81-247-62–8111
Fax: +81-247-62–2463
Tokyo Sales Office NBC Mita Building 7F, 5-29-18, Shiba, Minato-ku, Tokyo, 108-0014, Japan
Tel: +81-3-6435-3453