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Promoting Environmental Management

Our approach to environmental management is based on the promotion of law-abiding and environmental conservation activities, enhancements of our audit system, maintaining our ISO 14001 certification, and the creation of numerous measures for recycling, eco management, and the promotion of environmental/economic harmony and sustainable development.

In addition, our environmental management system is compliant to green procurement measures associated with environmental burden reductions, such as the enhancement of chemical management corresponding to the PRTR system and the REACH regulation of the EU. Furthermore, Vishay Polytech promotes eco management based on corporate social responsibility (CSR) together with compliance and risk management.

Environmental Objectives

Basic Philosophy

Vishay Polytech considers environmental harmony as one of the top priorities for management. Our environmental management system is adhered to by all workers and promotes the continual improvement of our burden on the environment.

Basic Philosophy

The basic credo of Vishay Polytech is to promote environmental management. It is a goal that has been incorporated into our activities, products, services, and their environmental influences by adopting CSR.

Our practical activities are as followings:

  1. Be aware of the influence our general corporate operations have on the global environment and communal society, and make efforts to prevent global environmental pollution. Sustain and improve our environmental management system continuously in this effort.
  2. Comply with environmental regulations and other acknowledged requirements that are related to our general corporate operations.
  3. Energy conservation and waste generation are important factors in our environmental impact and relate to our general corporate activities.
    Promote energy conservation for the prevention of global warming, especially electricity.
    Control waste generation and promote the expansion of intermediate treatment and recycling programs.
  4. In order to achieve our environmental objectives, corrective measures are performed every year in accordance with our environmental management system and legal requirements.
  5. Promote a corporate culture that values the importance of environmental issues and disseminates these objectives to all employees and contractors.
  6. Our environmental objectives will be disclosed if required.

Environmental Management

We promote environmentally friendly production through the activities required by ISO 14001.
We perform environmental safety audits on a regular basis to confirm our status of regulation compliance.

Environmental Communication

Based on our management philosophy, we are proactively performing environmental work with local companies and residents, including planting trees and cleaning up garbage, which contribute to the local community.
As part of efforts, we invite students and kindergarteners to our facility for factory tours.
In order to strengthen the mutual exchange, we also participate in events and exhibitions organized by the local community.
We will make efforts to help the local community understand what we are doing in terms of environmental activity.

Health and Safety


VISHAY POLYTECH, CO., LTD. is committed to conducting its operations in a socially responsible, ethical and sustainable manner, and ensures the safety and health of our employees, subcontractor and customers. To accomplish this policy, Vishay Polytech hereby establishes the following objectives to be adopted as standard policies by all operations.

Safety and Health of our Employees:

Provide a safe and healthy working environment for our employees and contractors working at our sites. Educate and train employees and contractors to conduct their daily activities in safe manner. Vishay Polytech is committed to the prevention of injury and ill health and continual improvement in safety and health management performance. Fix and achieve targets regularly by implementing programs to improve health and safety of the employees and optimize the environmental performance.

Compliance with Occupational Health and Safety Laws and Regulations:

Meet or exceed the requirements of all relevant health and safety laws and regulations in every facility. Maintain a system that provides timely updates of regulatory change. Cooperate fully with government agencies in meeting applicable requirements. Facilities are also required to comply with other binding OH&S requirements including the Electronics Industry Code of Conduct adopted by Vishay.


Promote sound health and safety principles and practices by encouraging open communication with employees, governmental agencies, suppliers, contractors, customers and industry groups. Obligate to engage and consult employees or their representatives in decision making within the scope of management systems, in the evaluation of health and safety risks and determination of protective actions by regularly consultations.


Conduct periodic audits to ensure Vishay Polytech’s compliance with laws, regulations, other requirements, and this policy and all other Vishay OH&S policies. Promptly implement plans for any required corrective and preventative actions. Provide overall assessment of our OH&S management systems.

To ensure that this policy is accomplished by our operations, each department concerned sets the OH&S targets, and all of the employee participate in OH&S drive for continual improvement.

To ensure that every employee recognizes this policy, we post it in our factory. Upon request from outside of the company, we release the policy to the public.